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Signs of Interest on a First Date

Vin DiCarlo Inc.

Vin DiCarlo Inc. is an online resource for men who want to develop the dating skills that can help them foster strong, loving relationships with women. By learning to apply dating approaches like the Pandora’s Box method, clients of Vin DiCarlo Inc. are able to gain insights into the female psyche that can lead to more fulfilling romantic interactions.

For many men looking to create a fulfilling romantic life for themselves, the process begins on a first date with the right woman. Though only time will tell if a first date progresses successfully enough to lead to a second date, scientific data shows that a woman who is interested romantically in a man may display several telling signs.

A woman who is interested in the man she is on a date with may modulate her voice more drastically than a woman who is not interested. Animated speech with a tone of voice that rises and falls over the course of conversation is typically a sign of interest.

Science also shows that a date who mimics the body language of her partner, such as through hand gestures or facial expressions, may be feeling highly engaged by her date. Evidence from an English study of romantic interactions also showed that women who are attracted to male dating partners may move their feet away from the body, opening up their body language. Comparatively, a woman who crosses her feet underneath her chair or tucks her feet underneath her body may be displaying a lack of interest.


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